When Two Vehicles Collide, in Which Direction do the Vehicle’s Occupants Move?

An accident has just happened and you don’t know how or even why. Accident reconstruction scientifically investigates these questions and draws conclusiveness. Reconstructionist make an analysis to find out the cause and any contributing factors in many different types of collisions that occur. Some factors include the role of the driver, the vehicle, the roadway, and the environment. The data collected provides analysis that a witness can be able to give should they ever go to trial. These accident reconstructions are typically done in fatalities or cases of personal injury. Unfortunately, accidents have to happen to make our roads and highways safer, and to improve the vehicles that we drive around in. The latest in technology in regard to accident reconstruction is that now many vehicles have crash data records. This tool is commercially available and allows for the crash data from all supported vehicles. The data gives a detailed report of the things that led up to the crash and happenings during the crash. Some of the data collected might be vehicle speed, brake status, seatbelt status, throttle position, and more. Some commercial vehicles however, do not have CDR, and therefore accessing detailed information would be more difficult. Accident reconstructionists themselves may use a software called CAD which is a computer aided program. Therefore, accident reconstruction has been revolutionized by impressive computers and software. the software recreates crash scenes. A lot of times law enforcement uses this special software to pick apart an accident and from there be able to demonstrate what occurred.

The National Biomechanics Institute makes a scientific investigation of accidents. They actually are called experts in this type of work and in biomechanics, human factors, and medicine. They offer the most advanced research and are proactive in continuing with technological types of developments. They specialize in analyzing accident and injury dynamics through an interdisciplinary approach and strict adherence. It’s no wonder they have been named the leader in forensic consulting. NBI has done some magnificent work in applying the aspects of both physics and engineering when identifying collision factors as well as factors of personal injury. NBI looks at just about everything it would seem. They look at the tire marks, roadway gouges, vehicle damage patterns, digital crash data, surveillance video, shoe scuffs, and even blood pool. The determination is usually one where the probable cause was either by the operator, vehicle, or the environment itself.

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