What To Do If You Are Injured at Work

Employees who sustain any work-related injuries or suffer from any occupational illnesses are entitled to workers’ compensation insurance benefits, including all medical treatment, compensation for lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, and more. In most states, workers’ comp covers one-time traumatic injuries (e.g. accidents involving heavy machinery, slip-and-falls), cumulative traumatic injuries resulting from repetitive strain (e.g. lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome), mental health issues stemming from work-related physical injuries, occupational injuries (e.g. exposure to asbestos), and death. Job exceptions to workers’ comp coverage generally include real estate agents, taxi drivers, seasonal workers, caregivers, and housekeepers.

Note that states limit the period of time an injured employee has to file a workers’ compensation claim. For instance, in California, the statute of limitations is 1 year, but employees must notify their employers within 30 days from the time of the injury. If you’re injured on the job and you want to learn more about workers’ comp benefits in California and how to maximize your chances of getting the right amount you deserve, then feel free to visit California Work Injury Law Center’s website cwilc.com, an authoritative resource packed with useful information including what to do if your claim is denied. Keep in mind that while your claim is under evaluation, your employer’s insurance company is required by law to pay up to $10,000 of your medical treatment cost.

Getting medical attention is the first step you need to take and this is also good for your workers’ comp case because your medical records will reflect the fact that your injury is work-related. Next, you should report your injury to your employer in writing as soon as you can and then complete the workers’ comp claim forms. Also, be sure to attend any medical evaluation because it helps your case and, equally important, consider hiring a savvy, top workers’ comp attorney to aggressively represent you in all hearings.

If you suffer from a work-related illness or you sustained injuries on the job in California and you want to pursue all benefits you are entitled to, do not hesitate to contact California Work Injury Law Center by phone at 949-557-7248 or by filling out the online contact form at cwilc.com to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced and trusted California workers’ comp lawyer to discuss your case. If you choose to retain them to fight on your behalf, rest assured that you … Read the rest

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