4 Reasons Why You Should Try Text Message Marketing

With so much noise on email marketing and social media marketing, people tend to forget the effectiveness of text advertisement or SMS marketing. And in this post, we will share four reasons why text message marketing is still winning.

1.High Opening Rate

Did you know that text messages have an opening rate of 98%? Also, did you know the people read their text messages within the first 3 minutes of delivery? Well, this goes to show you how effective SMS marketing can be in this day and age.

Compared to other marketing forms, such as email marketing, which has an opening rate of 20%, text message marketing can be an effective ROI.

Text messages also have a higher chance of being read because, with a text message, the receiver gets the message directly to their phone, whether connected to the internet. However, with email marketing, the receiver has to have an internet connection and then log into their mail before seeing your ad, making it less likely for the receiver to read your email than a text message.

2.It Is Trackable

Once you’ve sent out the text messages, you can track how the receiver interacted with your text. You can measure:

  • Who opened your text message.
  • Who ignored your message.
  • Who replied.

And you can use this information to restrategize your next marketing step. Which is a great way to ensure your messages are getting to your target audience.

3.They Are Straight To The Point

With text message marketing, you do not have the flexibility of writing so many words. You get only a limited amount of words you can send to your target audience, and this is a great way to ensure that you choose the right words to hit the bullseye. And this is one reason why text message marketing is useful because the recipient can understand what you want to say in a few words. This is one reason why text messages have a response rate of 45% compared to that of emails being 6%.

4.A lot Of People Do Not Have Emails Services

Out of the 5.11 billion unique phone users globally, 2.7 billion users have smartphones, and out of the 2.7 billion smartphone users, 1.7 billion users use their phones for various email services.

This means that with SMS marketing, you can reach the remaining 3.41 billion phone users who do not have smartphones or use their … Read the rest

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