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The New Year symbolizes a new beginning and a new opportunity for some fashion trend to dominate the fashion industry. As we all know that each year comes with its own trends. In 2017, some fashion trend will be welcome while some will see themselves out. It is a well-known fact that the whims of the world always affect the fashion trend. Before we look in deep into the fashion trend of 2017, let us have a look at the fashion trend in 2016. The explicit inspiration for the 2016 fashion trend came from the fashion trend of 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

If you are ready to know the latest fashion trend of 2017, read on for more information.



Many soothsayers of fashion have picked up or talking about chainmail. It has a touch of punk defiance, it is a way fashion lovers can bring jewellery, hardware, and glimmer into their outfit in a clever way. Though, chainmail has been used by some people over the years but its uses will be ubiquitous in 2017. It can be in form of bib-like tops, tunic vest or skirt overlays.


Big shoulders dresses

Rose Baker with Daisy Duxie, “Off the shoulder blouse was a ubiquitous trend throughout 2016 but 2017 will be different for this trend of fashion style. In 2017 most fashion lovers will be wearing clothing with ballooning upper sleeves, broad shoulders, and ultra wide yokes.”


Silver over gold

Silver chains, silver stacking rings, silver layered necklace, and silver earrings will dominate our fingers, wrist, and neck in 2017. There will be a ubiquitous audience for silver jewellery in 2017.


Modest fashion style

There will be more preference for clothing with higher necklines, longer hemlines, and longer sleeves in this year. Many fashion and designer brands have released varieties of modest clothing this year. This fashion and designer brands have the potential to be a multi-billion dollar industry this year.


The return of platform shoes

This has already been used severally in runways in 2017 and will be a fast selling shoe in the stores very soon. Platform shoes are easy to walk in and fun to wear.


Low rise jeans

2017 will be a year of low rise jeans. Due to the popularity of showing off belly-button among ladies using crop tops. 2017 will be a year where abs show-off will … Read the rest

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